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Girl Eating Marshmallows


Our goal is to see the girls of the Cornerstone Conference grow in their personal relationship with Christ and with friends across the footprint of the IPHC, inviting other girls to be a part. We want to see girls love themselves and others and in doing so lift left each other up. Finally we want our girls to be active in Girls’ Ministries and as they age out of Girls’ Ministries move into Women’s Ministries.
Society tells us how we should look, how we should dress, and how we should act. As leaders we need to be intentional in training and mentoring our girls. We want each girl to know they were created with a God given purpose. Each girl has gifts, talents, and dreams that are unique to them. They need to know they can live a life for Christ and they can be a witness to those around them.

For more information contact Cornerstone Conference IPHC Girls’ Ministries Director Pam Rooker @ 252-432-7750 or

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