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2023 Cornerstone Conference Hispanic Convention

Article By: Joel Pava

Resident Director of Hispanic Ministries

Cornerstone Conference IPHC

"And the multitude of them that believed were of one heart and of one soul” Acts 4:32 RV.

It was in that unity that about 200 Hispanic believers, all of them Cornerstone Conference IPHC members, gathered together on August 26 in Browns Summit, NC. The Holly Spirit touched and stirred every life attending the Convention, bringing awareness and empowerment to them in the area of Christian character building and servanthood. Bishop Abel Palomo brought a powerful word proclaiming that the gospel is both personal and public, emphasizing that we live it not only through our words but through our actions.

The Hispanic Convention was also an opportunity to reflect on the past year of activities and to share what the Lord is doing among this segment of the migrant population.

We want to recognize the CC Hispanic Children's Convention in which Hispanic kids were exposed to the gospel in a creative and attractive way, connecting them with Jesus Christ and salvation. At the end of the Hispanic Convention our children had their moment to share what they learned in the Children's Convention.

We are grateful to all ministers, church members and friends who made it possible to accomplish the goals of the Hispanic Ministry this year. We are also grateful to Cornerstone Conference IPHC for supporting every activity we did to succeed in six of our Goals of the Local Church Initiative. But above all, we are grateful to God Almighty. To Him be the glory!

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