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Discipleship Ministries: With YOU on the Journey

Article By: Joel Boyles

Resident Director of Discipleship Ministries

Cornerstone Conference IPHC

In IPHC Discipleship Ministries we say that “discipleship is the journey of becoming more like Jesus.” Is there any greater goal in Christianity? In 2023 can we strive to be more like Jesus?

During 2022 Youth Quest and General Conference People of the IPHC were surveyed through an interactive yarn display at the Discipleship Ministries booth. Questions were asked like, ‘who has helped you most in your spiritual walk?” and “where are you currently in your faith journey?” The answers were encouraging, eye opening, and inspiring.

Almost half of all participants felt they were in a place of growth in their journey. A majority of those that responded said that “Reading the Word” and “People” were the most helpful tools in their growth. One interesting statistic from the survey said one quarter of participants admitted to “being scared” of leading someone to Christ, and only 35% felt equipped to lead someone to Christ.

There is no doubt we need to deepen our faith. I firmly believe that Family and home remain the primary source of discipleship for our children. As a church, we must equip parents to be this major source. We also need to remain in the Word and continue to build relationships with Christ Followers who are further along in the Journey.

Always remember, We are on this Journey TOGETHER!

Note: Information for this article was taken from a blog by Bishop Tommy McGhee.

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