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Twenty-Four Vital Years

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Article By: H. Garry Yeatts

BMI Director; MCC Chairman

Cornerstone Conference IPHC

I’m thrilled to announce as you read this, your Biblical Ministries Institute is celebrating its twenty-fourth consecutive year! I am so proud of what this ministry represents and all of the lives that have been changed.

For twenty-four years this vital ministry of the Cornerstone Conference has provided training for ministers and laypeople alike. Learning opportunities that are both Biblical and practical abound in the BMI. Our gifted and qualified instructors impart important principles of truth, and workable applications into the minds and hearts of those seeking a ministerial credential. But they have also offered the same helpful training to laypeople as well.

Many active ministers have taken classes in the BMI to satisfy their CEU requirements. In the process, they refreshed their minds, made new friends, and offered helpful insight into the subjects studied. I’m not aware of any minister who attended a BMI class who thought it was a waste of their time.

If you want to see more souls saved, we offer a course this year on missions and evangelism strategies. For those who want to posture the local church to move forward, we’re offering a class on church growth. If you desire a more enriching study of the Bible, we’ve got you covered with our class on how to study the Bible. People want to know what God has store for the future and to deal with that subject, we’re offering a class in the Book of Revelation this year. You don’t have the resources to offer a workshop to your Sunday School teachers? We’re offering a class on effective Bible teaching. Space doesn’t allow me to name every class; however, we are offering an assortment of classes dealing with how to do effective ministry and inspiring Bible study. You can review the entire 2023-2024 class schedule on the Cornerstone Conference website ( No doubt, you’ll find a class offering that will be helpful to your ministry. Perhaps you might recommend a class to a layperson in your local church.

I thank God for the many who have received applicable help to their ministries and the positive testimonies. Yes, I’m thankful that for twenty-four consecutive years. I pray the Lord continues to bless this ministry for many years to come.

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