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Today’s Woman Touching Tomorrow’s World, is most effectively accomplished through our actions today. Having strategic goals act as a tool to evaluate our focus.

Our Strategic Goals

Include spiritual transformation and growth (Romans 12); excellence and effectiveness in ministry (2 Peter 1:3-8); and optimum involvement in service (Ephesians 1:11; 4:12).

The C4 Mission of WM is the lens through which we evaluate everything we do:

  • Connect women of all ages through fellowship and service;

  • Cultivate positive relationships that will provide opportunities for discipleship;

  • Celebrate what God is doing in and through women; 

  • Create an atmosphere where women can be released into their gifting,

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we start a local Women’s Ministries group in our church? 

We recommend your WM committee consist of director, assistant director, secretary-treasurer, and at least two committee members. Contact the Cornerstone Women’s Ministries Director who will assist you step by step through the process of chartering the local WM committee.

How are the local WM Director and committee members designated?

We recommend that, for newly forming or revitalizing WM, the pastor appoint the WM Director.  Together, pastor and director choose the leadership team.

What are the conference financial requirements for a local Women’s Ministries committee?

Faithful stewardship is a God-idea. Annual “Vision Partnership” and 10% tithes on your regular monthly dues and/or fundraisers should be sent to the Conference WM (special emphasis fund-raisers or offerings are exempt from the tithe requirement).

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