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The Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry provides effective Biblical care and counseling to credentialed ministers of the Cornerstone Conference and their families. Our objective is to facilitate spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness in those to whom we minister.

The ministry utilizes several primary methodologies to accomplish our objectives.

  1. To provide personal, confidential counseling with individuals on a one-on- one basis. This may include couples or even family units as the need requires.

  2. To provide periodic couples or family retreats which provide relaxation, inspiration, and practical training in areas relative to marriage and family.

  3. To provide support and encouragement in times of personal crisis and transitions of life and ministry.

  4. To provide restorative care and counseling to ministers who have experienced moral failure and involved in a restoration program with Cornerstone Conference.

Reconciliation & Restoration

While we recognize the Pastoral Care and Counseling Department is not involved in the administrative and disciplinary aspects of the restoration process of a fallen minister, we do, however, recommend the following:

The Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling will be involved in the reconciliation, restoration, and healing of a fallen minister.

The Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling will work, subject to and in conjunction with the Conference Executive Council, to bring the fallen minister to full restoration, reconciliation, and healing to God, himself, and the Cornerstone Conference through the following services: (a) Personal Counseling, (b) Systematic updates and communication to the Conference Executive Council regarding the progress of the minister, (c) Recommendations to the Conference Executive Council regarding restoration of the minister.

The Department of Pastoral Care and Counseling will work in conjunction with the Conference Superintendent to provide effective support and accountability structures to ministers of the Cornerstone Conference.

Referrals & Resources

Please use the links provided to explore various referrals & resources made available to you. We will recommend books, articles, links, ect. on a variety of subjects you are most likely to encounter in pastoral ministry.

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"Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ." Galatians 6:2

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