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Cornerstone Conference Discipleship Ministries has a goal to provide resources and disciple workers for God’s Kingdom.  We strive to assist each church and pastor by ensuring that you receive the resources and support needed to lead others to a relationship with Christ and to minister to your church on a weekly basis.  Not only do we work to provide resources and discipleship training, but we also lead ministry events throughout the year to allow opportunities for churches to partner in ministry and fellowship.

Our goal is to minister to the family unit as a whole.  From children to senior adults, Discipleship Ministries desires to play a key role in developing young boys into strong men of God, and young girls into strong women of God.  We recognize much of this takes place in the home and local church, but we also want to partner with families and churches as you walk this journey of life.  Relationship building is key, and we desire to strengthen the family and therefore build His kingdom.  

Our prayer is that we will provide training, resources and support for individuals and local churches that will add value to your life and the lives of those we encounter on a daily basis.  We are all ministers of the gospel!

Training Materials:

How can I get involved?

Please contact our Resident Director of Discipleship Ministries at 336. 656.7936 x. 116.

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