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** The book for the Homiletics class in December was listed incorrectly as the second edition, but should be Biblical Preaching Third Edition by Haddon W. Robinson.  The schedule has been updated to reflect this change. 


The Biblical Ministries Institute (School of Ministry) exists to provide relevant and practical studies with the goal of equipping ministerial students for excellence in ministry.


We serve the Cornerstone Conference IPHC by providing foundational training related to ministry in order to equip students/candidates for excellence in ministry.  Our goals focus on equipping leaders for Great Commission Ministry, providing an introduction to world missions, church revitalization, church planting, and the practical steps in establishing functional house church/small groups.

The Biblical Ministries Institute (BMI) exists primarily to assist ministerial candidates in their preparation to qualify for ministerial credentials in the IPHC Cornerstone Conference. Through the classes offered, the BMI seeks to enable the ministerial candidate to complete the program with a three-fold foundation on which to build their ministry: 1) Biblically Knowledgable; 2) Professionally Competent; and 3) Institutionally Aware. The BMI is not limited to ministerial candidates, but is also available to credentialed ministers and laymen who seek to satisfy their annual required Continuing Education Units and increase their knowledge by auditing classes that are offered.

The Ministerial Credentialing Committee (MCC) is responsible to guide individuals through the process of receiving a minister\'s license and/or ordination. By overseeing the procedure of completing the correct applications and conducting necessary interviews, the MCC ministry works to make receiving ministerial credentials a rewarding reality.

"...Be a good minister of Jesus Christ, nourished in the words of faith and of the good doctrine..." (1 Timothy 4:6; NKJV).


Is the BMI accredited?

The BMI is a non-accredited, non-degree granting Institute.  A Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who complete the BMI program of study.  A Certificate of Recognition is awarded to the spouse of those who complete the program.  These respective Certificates are presented each year during our Conference Session.

If I complete the BMI program will I receive my ministerial credentials?

The IPHC Manual stipulates that each Conference is responsible to develop and administer a program to “train and credential clergy”.  The BMI is the primary training arm of the Cornerstone Conference.  The Ministerial Credentialing Council is responsible for the process that determines whether an individual may receive credentials in the Cornerstone Conference.  The BMI Student Handbook clearly states that a student should not assume that completion of the full course of study through the BMI automatically qualifies an individual to receive ministerial credentials.

How can I get involved in the BMI Program?

Please feel free to contact the Cornerstone Conference Office and/or the BMI Director to answer any question you might have.  Whether you're a ministerial credentialing candidate, credentialed minister, or layman in a local church, follow the steps below to begin the process:
1. Download the BMI Student Handbook/Application
2. Submit the completed application for enrollment to the Cornerstone Conference Office
3. Familiarize yourself with the information contained in the BMI Student Handbook

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