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Emmanuel University is a Christ-centered liberal arts institution that strives to prepare students to become Christlike disciples who integrate faith, learning and living for effective careers, scholarship and service.

181 Spring St.

Franklin Springs, GA 30639

Phone: 800-860-8800

Fax: 706-245-4424


The mission of Holmes Bible College is “to equip men and women for Christian life, ministry, and service to help fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.” No student is turned away who can exemplify a call of God and conversion experience. The college is multicultural, multigenerational, and multiethnic. Some over ten nations are presently represented on campus.

Holmes could be a place for you.

4901 Old Buncombe Road

Greenville, SC 29617

Phone: 864-246-3566

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Welcome to Southwestern Christian University (SCU) – YOUR University!

SCU is an exciting place to be. Since its founding in 1946, the University continues to foster a spiritually vibrant, academically rigorous, and mission-fervent community of visionaries seeking to make a difference in this world. 

Our vision for a Christian liberal arts education pursued from the perspective of the Biblical Christian worldview is expressed in more than 30 undergraduate degree programs, and attracts students from more than 20 different nations. Our Pentecostal blueprint for Christian living, undergirded by our core values of Scholarship, Spirit and Service, makes SCU a perfect place for preparing the total person to succeed and excel in careers, callings and in life. 

7210 NW 39th Expressway

Bethany, OK 73008

Phone: 405-789-7661 (Admissions Ext. 2228)

Fax: 405-495-0078

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