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But Who's Counting?

Article By: H. Garry Yeatts

BMI Director; MCC Chairman

Cornerstone Conference IPHC

Have you ever heard someone, in a rather critical tone of voice say, “All they’re interested in are the numbers?” I once heard a prominent Southern Baptist preacher say regarding the Book of Numbers, “God has a book called Numbers, because numbers count to God!” There’s no question that the God who can number the hairs on our heads has a running total of the number of people on earth, in heaven, and in hell at any given moment. “What’s the point?” Let me get right to the point and give God the glory!

The BMI has been favored by God to experience a rebound from the menacing, intrusive, and disruptive pandemic which was Covid. God is continuing to call and raise up ministers who have a burning desire to preach the Gospel. and the BMI is providing the foundational training they need to be credentialed in our Conference. Our in-class attendance has reached levels that were normal prior to the pandemic with an average of 15 per class. But who’s counting? We are! To God be the glory!

As we close our 2022-2023 school term, we will be awarding our 104th student with the BMI Certificate of Completion. That’s an average rate of five per year. But who’s counting?

I don’t want to leave you with the wrong impression. Numbers are not the only measure of success or failure for any organization. There are a host of variables that will determine that; however, growing numbers are important.

We thank God for increasing numbers in class attendance, and 104 individuals who have completed the BMI program since its inception. One-hundred and four. But who’s counting? We are! We count numbers because numbers count!

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