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Entering a New Era - Emmanuel University

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We are thrilled to announce that effective July 10, 2023, Emmanuel College has officially changed its name to Emmanuel University!

“We are excited about the opportunities this name gives us to develop graduate programs and improve recruiting efforts,” said newly appointed president, Rev. Greg Hearn. “We believe this change communicates our commitment to academic expansion, improved student opportunities, and greater impact on our region.”

Vice President for Academics, Dr. Cyndee Phillips believes this transition marks a new chapter in Emmanuel’s commitment to academic excellence and holistic education.

“This transformation will significantly benefit academics, providing our students with enriched learning opportunities and expanded academic programs in a safe environment,” she said. “Emmanuel University will empower students to create, innovate, and soar to new heights.”

The addition of graduate level programs, which led to the name change, has improved Emmanuel’s capacity to fulfill our mission. Traditional undergraduate and online programs will also be expanded.

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